AGV (Automated Guided vehicle) technology has come a long way in the past few years, and with
computer and infra-red guidance systems both now available the options for AGV control are very wide.
Battery charging still has to take place at some time however, and we have adapted our basic charger
systems to suit various installations.

The system shown was installed in a factory in two stages, with four chargers in total. Each charger has a
connection plate on its side that enabled the AGV to come alongside and automatically connect to
the charger. Signalling of the charger was either through auxiliary contacts on the connection plate
or by external cabling. A voltage relay and/or timer is used to detect the charge level. 48V 25A units.

Another installation used floor mounted connection plates and on-board battery capacity detection to signal
the controlling computer which then instructed the AGV to go and 'fill up'. These were 60V 175A units.

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