DC Standby Batteries

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Amongst the many installations that we have supplied over the past 30 years are the larger battery banks for substation switch tripping. These can be either in cabinets or on open frames. The following examples are new sets that were recently installed, rated at 108V 200AH. The batteries comprise 18 X 6V 200AH batteries, all fitted with "Aquagen" catalytic recombination fillers, which effectively reduce topping up to less than once a year, once the batteries have settled in and the charge rate has been checked for that particular installation. In practice, the need for water replenishment is reduced to zero and the battery will not require further topping up for its service life.

The installed battery assembly. Rack supplied By Nirvana Engineering.

The original battery assembly, 55 Tungstone Plante Cells. This rack was also supplied by Nirvana Engineering.
Note all the exposed interconnections and terminals, which was standard for this type of battery.

Shot of both batteries side by side. The new battery takes up considerably less space and has 10% of the maintenance.
All connections and fasteners on the new battery are insulated.

Close up of the battery during assembly. Note the insulated bolt heads and links.
The Aquagen recombination units recombine Oxygen & Hydrogen back to water which runs back into the battery.

Close up of the Aquagen recombination unit. These units had been in use for two weeks when the picture was taken
The formation of water droplets is clearly visible, when large enough they combine and run back into the battery.

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