CC19 are dual-rate constant-current battery cycling chargers for single battery, or can be supplied in multi-way
units. The chargers have a pre-discharge cycle which removes any residual capacity in the battery before a timed
fast main charge is put in. The removal of the residual capacity is essential when fast charge rates are used.

A single electronic timer circuit allows a high bulk charge followed by a low rate trickle charge.
Disconnection from the battery automatically trips the charger into trickle through internal logic.
function. Chargers are supplied in a robust bench case with anti-skid feet and full fusing and indicators.

This type of charger completely eliminate the so-called 'Memory Effect' which is exhibited by sealed
wound-electrode Nicad cells. The negative side is that the cyclic life of the battery is used up more quickly.

The unit shown has no mains input cable for photographic clarity. Most units are supplied with either
output terminals (shown) or output cable with connector. Finish is beige and dark blue powder coat.
Switched mains input for 110/220/240V is also available.

The CC195 high-power version is available for high voltage and high capacity batteries.

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