The CH195 Cycling Charger has been designed to 'cycle charge' sealed Nicad batteries
to recover them from the so-called 'Memory Effect', a problem associated mainly with
wound electrode Nicad cells. The charger discharges the battery before charging.

The chargers are intended as a workshop/maintenance item, and we sell them mainly for
treatment of 30V tripping batteries and battery packs used for Film & TV lighting work.

The standard size unit goes up to 30 Cell 10AH batteries, the usual voltage and capacity is 25 Cell
4AH or 7AH. The charger is entirely automatic in operation once started on a cycle.

The picture shows the exterior of a typical unit. These are configured for use with a specific battery
type, and can only be used on that type and voltage battery. Cycle time is about 21 hours for a fully
charged battery pack, if the pack is flat then about 5 hours can be deducted from that total.

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