This is not a special charger as much as a special arrangement of the case and controls. This is an example
of a series of 20 chargers supplied to Rail Express Systems ( now EWS )at the Crewe diesel maintenance depot.

The depot did not have the space between the roads to put a floor-mounted enclosure, so we designed an
arrangement that was fitted up on the roof support posts, with the controls at normal operator level.

The high elevation also meant that the insides of the cabinets were kept cleaner as they were away from the steam cleaners
and grease/oil of the normal maintenance area. The chargers were 110V 50A DC out, 415/440V 3-phase input.

The pendant was longer in the actual depot, this one is made up for the studio photograph.
The controls and indicators are the same as in the normal floor or mobile charger unit.

One of 20 as installed at a rail depot in 1994/95
The internal sodium lighting prevented a better picture.

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