This is a later development of the high-mount style of charger, intended for sites where floor space is restricted.

There was not the space between the depot roads to put a floor-mounted enclosure, so we designed an
arrangement that was fitted up on the roof support posts, with the controls at normal operator level.

The high elevation also meant that the insides of the cabinets were kept cleaner as they were away from the
steam cleaners and grease/oil of the normal maintenance area. The chargers are dual output 29V 100A/200A
with 3-phase input.

This is the 'base' unit which contains all the heavy parts of the charger, including the mains transformer and the thyristor modules etc. In fact this goes up in the air above the operator's head, while the control unit is suspended below, with interconnecting cables running between the units in steel support tubes. The unit is the photograph is sitting on pieces of box section for the photograph, the special support bracket is not shown.

This is the 'control' unit which contains all the operator controls for the charger, including the mains on/off switch, Emergency Stop switch, metering and indicators. Connections to the trains are through four cables out of the base of this cabinet, with cable reels in stainless steel being supplied for cable stowage.

Shot of the interior of the main cabinet during construction. The single air-cooled transformer sits on a heavy-duty steel box-section frame, the rest of the electronics are located either on the main chassis of 3mm steel at the back of the cabinet, or on two smaller sub-chassis on either side which carry the control, driver and PSU PCB's.

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