The CVT554 is a charger which we have introduced to fill a market for a compact unit which can be sold into a number of markets with little or no modifications between the applications. For utilities and other public sector applications it has options for 12V/18V/24V at 5A continuous rating, plus a pre- configured float/boost operation with boost coming on automatically after a mains failure. All connections are on the front. A 30V unit can also be supplied for Switch Tripping applications in conjunction with an external battery pack.

The picture shows the exterior of a typical unit. These are configured at the factory for the specified output, and temperature compensation is available for those areas that required voltage variation with temperature.

A second, larger unit is now available with higher outputs of 24V 20A, 30V 15A, 48V or 50V outputs at 5A.
The larger unit has the same height and depth dimensions, but is simply wider..

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