A recent medium power (11kW DC output) floor-standing charger of our own design.

This unit was designed for shore power applications in rail depots, to allow the
servicing of trains without their engines being run to provide electrical power.

This unit is one of six units supplied to a major UK train manufacturer.

The environmental impact of operating train engines in depots during servicing and repairs has become a problem for most operators. The exhaust fumes are not pleasant for people in and around the depot, and the deposits of soot and oil that accompany these operations cause damaging pollution.

The engine makers are also finding that prolonged idling of highly turbo-charged engines produces ring and bore glazing, which in turn brings increased oil consumption and ring blow-by, resulting in increased running costs and maintenance.

These new charger/shore supply units are enabling one manufacturer to carry out servicing with no engine running, other than for calibration and testing actually required for the engine and generator. The charger provides a controlled output voltage that is held at a level suitable for battery charging and also supporting on-train loads such as the systems electronics etc. The output power as supplied is 11kW at 110V DC, continuously rated.

The cabinet will accomodate outputs up to 20kW with no increase in size, and up to 30Kw with increased height. The charger shown is for 3-phase operation, but single-phase can also be supplied, with input voltages up to 600V AC.

The charger can operate with an external control cabinet that is remotely located, in which case the two smaller control switches and the top indicator are moved to that location. Meters are duplicated on the remote cabinet, and an Emergency Stop facility is provided for operator safety.

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