Mobile rail battery chargers, one our regular production items. Made in sizes up to 6.6kW output.
This range of chargers is well established with the UK Fleet Operators and Train Operating Companies.

The chargers are the preferred unit for operators such as English Welsh & Scottish Railway,
Midland Mainline, Wales & Borders and manufacturers such as Bombardier Transportation.

The charger is built around a 3mm sheet steel chassis and a very heavy-duty axle and wheels.
The sheet steel covers are all-welded and powder coated in a high-visibility yellow.
20 metres of input cable and 5 metres of output cable allow ease of connection to the rolling stock.
Safety features include disconnection of the output should the charge current stop through connector
or cable failure. Meters and indicators are weather-sealed behind a Makrolon window.

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We also do them in other colours! This is the other colour option if yellow is not suitable.

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