The construction of the charger is based around a substantial fabricated steel cabinet, which includes a steel box-section frame where the mains transformer is bolted down. Gland holes are provided in the base and a series of labrynth ventilation panels allow air to circulate without rain or snow getting inside. Internal chassis are located on either side of the cabinet, with provision for four chassis in total, allowing for 2 independent charger systems in one cabinet. The front door and control panel is hinged to allow access to the internal components, but is normally bolted shut against foam seals. The top canopy is ventilated but shielded to prevent water and snow ingress.

Shot-blast and Zinc spray followed by powder coating is the standard finish for all outdoor applications.

Transformers and chokes are conventional air-cooled laminated types, all rated for 100% continuous output. Cabling is generally Def-Stan 61-12 Type 3 for smaller signal cables, or Tri-Rated types for heavier current. CSP-Sheathed welding cables are also used where their extra flexibility is used to prevent undue strain on terminals and components.

Control PCB's are the tried and approved Prepair CVT552 series, either in single or three-phase configuration. Thyristor stacks are fan-cooled , with high-quality long-life ball-bearing fans and substantial aluminium extruded heatsinks.

Output voltages and currents up to 20kW DC are available in this cabinet, up to 30kW in the extended height version. The unit shown is dual output, 2 X 29V DC output at 100A/200A switchable output current.

Output controlled by DC contactor, with overvoltage output shut-off as standard, and control switch and emergency stop wiring loop for external control if required. Output indicator lamp on top cover.

Input protection is by MCB with isolation switch, output protection is by HRC fuse. Input terminals are Klippon ST5, Output terminals vary with output current.

Indicators are provided for AC ON, CHARGE, INHIBIT and FAULT. Volt-free contacts for various alarm/fault functions are available for customer use. Top indicators are provided to show that the charger is connected to the battery, and also these indicators flashe should a fault develop, in which case the output is disconnected.

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