Refurbishing Older Equipment

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Many of our customers have old charging equipment, often over 40 years old, which has to be replaced so that modern batteries can be fitted to replace the equally old cells that are installed.

We have been able to replace chargers while retaining the original cabinets, enabling existing cabinet suites with distribution equipment to be retained, making it a much more cost-effective solution for the customer. We have a standard set of control panel metalwork which can be easily adapted into existing cabinets, in most cases just needing a new front door or panel.

The charger range that can be accomodated is all of our systems, both single-phase and three-phase. The chargers are chassis mounted in a format to suit the old cabinet internals.

Dual 110V 20A single-phase chargers, installed in the left-hand cabinet and new front panels fabricated.
The metering and switching equipment in the centre cabinet was removed and a blank panel made and fitted.

Additional switchgear and cabling was removed from the right-hand cabinet, and previously unused fuses brought into use.
This installation goes with the dual battery pictured elsewhere on this site.

A single 110V 20A installation using existing cabinets for the new charger and battery.
This installation has a twin set of VRLA batteries supplied by the customer.
The new front door was designed and manufactured by us for the installation.

Another single 110V 20A installation using the existing cabinet for the new charger.
This installation has a single battery shown elsewhere on this website.
The new front door was designed and manufactured by us for the installation.