The range of equipment that we design and manufacture at our factory in the UK.

Everything here is designed and built by Prepair Ltd., we do not sell other maker's equipment.
Technical data is available online for most items on the website.

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CVT552 High-Power Chargers (Up to 600V DC / 100kW Output Power)
Specialised Battery Testing Equipment for Small to Very Large Battery Sets
Small to Medium Power Chargers up to 110V DC at 15A
CVT552 Railway 24V / 72V / 110V DC Mobile Chargers up to 200Amps Output
CVT552 Railway 24V / 72V / 110V DC Fixed Chargers up to 200Amps Output
CVT5523 Dual-Output Rail High-Power Workshop Chargers up to 200A Output
Custom-Built Battery Packs, Chargers and Multi-Cell Charging Equipment
Rack-Mounted Chargers and Power Supplies with Battery Back Up If required
24V/30V Switch Tripping Equipment for Electricity Sub-Station Circuit Protection

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